Dutch Engineering student modifies his motorcycle to run on methane recovered from swamps.

Gijs Schalkx, a Dutch engineering student and inventor, modifies his motorcycle to run on methane recovered from swamps. The Sloot Motor ( Sloot is the Dutch word for ditch ) is definitely an alternative which does not depend on high Technology, incomprehensible devices and other resources unlike others.

The main attractive feature of this motorcycle is that it’s fuel is harvested with minimal tools and DIY solutions. These resources can be collected from your neighbourhood pond or even a road side ditch. As the shallow waters are readily available in our neighbourhood, this motorcycle outlasts any kind of energy future.

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Gijs Schalkx designed the Sloot motor using a converted Honda GX160 motorcycle engine. He drilled a hole into the engines air box allowing it to receive methane. The collected methane is fed to the engine with the help of a balloon hooked to the hole. The motorcycle which reaches the top speed of 27 mph (43 km/h) is not built as a convenient alternative to electric or internal combustion motorcycles.

It was designed to encourage observers to reconsider their relationship with technology. The world we live today is the major cause for the Global breakdown, over exploitation of resources and inequality all over the word. So why do we have to blindly follow this idea without thinking about the consequences. Its high time, we use technology to save us, says Gijs Schalkx.

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Collecting methane required for the ride is indeed a laborious act. Gijs Schalkx has designed a device for this which he named as Plompstation. The Plompstation consists of an upturned container to gradually collect methane which is naturally produced by the natural decomposition in pounds and bogs. With the help of a pressure pump, the methane is pumped to a fuel container.

The Sloot motor was built absolutely for the necessity and not for convenience. Nowadays speed is no longer desired because more speed means more horsepower which means higher fuel consumption. The immense availability of a pond or ditch will serve as the source for fuel for Sloot motor. Methane is also another fuel resource which is available abundantly.

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